Service description:

The express consulting service is an online consulting service carried out through the Zoom platform and by one of Megafon Coop’s partners, which may vary depending on the discipline that the client requests.

Price and duration of the consulting session:

Price: €90/session + VAT.

The consulting session lasts 60 minutes. The first session to be held, as an introductory session, will be 90 minutes.

Session booking:

To carry out the express consulting session, you must reserve and arrange a time on the page Reserve your Express Consulting on the Megafon Coop website and make the corresponding payment. Once payment for the session has been made, the session is confirmed for the available day and time that the client has selected on the booking platform and invoice of the same is sent to the customer manually.

Cancellation of the session:

Session cancellations cannot be made less than 24 hours prior to the day of reservation. If the client decides to cancel the session within 24 hours or less before the session, the amount of the session will not be refunded and the client has no right to any claim.

In case of cancellation by the client more than 24 hours before the day of booking the session, the amount of the session will not be refunded but the client will have the right to change the day of the session to a day after the date of the canceled session reservation, according to the availability of the Megafon Coop team.

To cancel the session, the client must send an e-mail to indicating that they wish to cancel the session. The date of sending the e-mail will be considered the date of the moment of cancellation. The client will be able to indicate in it his proposal of dates for a new session. Megafon Coop will contact the client to define or specify a new date for the session.

If, due to force majeure, Megafon Coop has to cancel the session, it will propose a new date for the session to the client. In any case, the amount will not be refunded.

Access to the session:

The express consulting session will be carried out through the Zoom platform, sending Megafon an e-mail with its link to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking, 15 minutes before the agreed time.

In the event that the client does not show up and does not access the session at the time defined in the reservation or during the 15 minutes after it, the session will be considered completed when these 15 minutes have elapsed after the time of the reservation, and the client will not have the right to any claim.


Claims are not accepted once the session has started or ended.


The contact e-mail for any questions regarding the express consulting service is